About Suku Directory

Suku Directory is a meta search engine that collects results from other search engines without storing any information about its users.

The main reason for the emergence of this project is the increase in the number of internet users. privacy concerns and collecting user data and using it for marketing purposes is the idea of creating an alternative to these organizations. Make the internet accessible to everyone, safe, fast and free.

For a better Suku, for a better internet:

Why Suku?

We believe that the internet can improve human life and well-being when used correctly; we work in this field and support the projects carried out by others in this field

How do I make Suku my default search engine?

You can check the documentation that suits you to change your browser’s default search engine:

After completing the instructions, you can enjoy your new search engine!

How does Suku Directory work?

Suku Directory is a fork of the SearXNG project.

Suku Directory is a meta search engine. It does not currently have its own search database. Similarly, there is no crawler bot and it does not scan sites. Instead, it anonymously (without revealing your IP address) sends your search queries to search engines and transfers the output obtained from the query to the user. Your device does not establish any connection with other search engines.

You can view anonymous usage statistics on the relevant page: stats page

Expected features for future versions